Q. What is a press release? 
A: A press release is a news announcement that details the who, what, when and why of an upcoming milestone. The format is different from editorial articles you might find in a newspaper. A press release is a way to quickly summarize official announcements to the public and newsmedia.

Q. Are the Press release distribution pickups media placement? 
A: No, the press release distribution included in some campaigns is separate and not the actual media placement (editorial reviews, interviews, features).

Q. What is the purpose of a press release? 
A: press release is an announcement of a newsworthy event or milestone. It serves as a clear and concise way for journalists and the public to be aware of your news.

Q. How is the press release distributed? 
A: The press release is distributed via a wire service. The distribution across the wire makes the press release available to a wide range of publications that cover content similar to your milestone. Media outlets include local affiliates of major networks. The distribution of the press release means that there are more chances for journalists to see your press release, but it does not guarantee coverage with those outlets.

Q. How can I find the press announcement? 
A: We recommend searching (copy/paste) the exact press release title in Google, Bing and Yahoo to see the announcement.

Q. Why do some of the outlets look like they are the same? 
A: A National wire distribution includes local affiliates of news organizations that can appear similar. (for example WAND is a local affiliate of Fox News)

Q. Where will my press release appear? 
A: Your press release will appear on a wide array of websites including independent and local journals, local affiliates of major TV networks across the US. Press releases will sometimes show up in business or finance sections of national outlets.

Q. Why does the same press release appear across different news outlets? 
A: A press release is an official statement issued to news media giving information on a particular matter. It's a static announcement that will appear the same across multiple outlets.

Q. Will there be any SEO benefits? 
A: Not necessarily, although many use press releases as part of their link building strategy.

Q. How is a press release different than campaign coverage? 
A: Coverage you receive from our campaigns are written by the media, it may include facts from the press release however it’s written in a different form (article, review, blog post, or feature).

Q. For the Time Square package, how many times, when/where will the release appear? 
A: From experience the release will show a handful of times. The press release will showcase with a photo on the Reuter sign in the middle of Time Square. We don't control the time of the showing but you will receive snapshots approximately 7 days following the distribution.